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    • Dead Immensity
      Deeply Artificial Trees from artBoffin on Vimeo. “Twenty million years ago Antarctica was beginning to freeze. We’ve investigated, thought and built speculations. What we believe happened was about like this. “Something came down out of space, a ship. We saw it there in the blue ice, a thing like a submarine without a conning tower or directive … Continue re […]
    • Bizarre Features
      “According to the team’s modeling, the waves near the point where the asteroid struck would have been approximately 300 metres tall. When they hit the coast they wouldn’t be quite that big, but would still have reached 75 or 80 metres, Costard says. “The most probable source of the tsunami, the scientists concluded, is a … Continue reading "Bizarre Feat […]
    • “We watched at the eye-machine…”
      “According to Lindner, his patient first began experiencing a strange feeling while reading fanciful adventure novels during his youth. “In some weird and inexplicable way I knew that what I was reading was my biography […]. Nothing in these books was unfamiliar to me: I recognized everything… My everyday life began to recede at this point. In … Continue rea […]